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What is Active Design and Is It Right for Your Office Space

What is Active Design and is it right for your office space? When you are ready to upgrade your office or select an interior for a new space, you have a unique opportunity to enhance and improve employee morale, health and productivity. When workspaces encourage and even require more mobility and movement, workers are free from their desks more often in a natural way – and the benefits begin. For them, a healthier lifestyle and more satisfaction on the job. For the firm, a happier and more successful workforce. This is Active Design in action.

What Is Active Design Going to Do for You?

Active Design is the planned inclusion of physical movement and exercise in normal interaction with a space. The typical office is a classic case. When an office is upgraded so increased movement is made a natural part of the office routine through resource placement and workflow planning, workers report up to 1.2 hours less time spent sitting per day – potentially more than 30 full workdays over the course of a year. The benefits to health from this single aspect speak for themselves.

Active Design looks at every part of a workplace and work routine for potential improvement. Are people teleconferencing within the office from their desks? Wouldn’t they prefer standing up and walking, and taking advantage of a friendly new quiet space for small informal face-to-face meetings, installed where three file cabinets and a couple of spare partitions used to be? Often it’s the little things that make a difference. Future Fitouts has completed many successful interiors – we have the expertise and experience in office interior design to implement Active Design in your workplace. We’re here to answer your questions, so request a free quote to get started today.

What is Active Design Going to Need from You?

Active Design is a new mental approach as much as a change in office layout and dynamics. When we start thinking of beneficial exercise as being something we do all the time, the opportunities to work better and move more fall into place. Being comfortable becomes more than just sitting in a good chair – it’s about feeling good moving around the whole space.

How is Active Design Implemented?

It’s all in the details. Many offices have high-quality workstations for their employees, but need upgrades to traffic flow and resource placement to allow and encourage movement and interaction. Some offices benefit from new types of furniture that promote better transition from sitting to standing – when something becomes easy, we do it more often. Company outdoor spaces can come alive through improved design that will welcome employees to spend more break time there. Once you start thinking this way, you start seeing the possibilities.

Active Design Benefits Keep Giving

When it’s time for a workplace refurbishment, you are going to be moving things around and creating a new environment no matter what approach you may take. Active Design is mostly how you think about your new space, and then modify it according to those ideas. Learning about and implementing the Active Design approach is one of the most cost-efficient ways to genuinely improve the setting in which you and your employees spend a great deal of time. Everyone loves a new office, but an Active Design environment keeps on returning real-world benefits through the years, in health and well-being – and in higher productivity.

Step by Step

When Future Fitouts develops a plan for an Active Design upgrade, we are very aware of the potential impact on a working office. We have extensive experience with ongoing modifications to occupied spaces that need to remain productive throughout the project. With good planning, smaller jobs can even be done alongside regular office work. Modifications that will clearly disturb routine can be undertaken outside business hours. We work with you every day to ensure your office keeps running smoothly.

Communication is Key – Let’s Talk

It is highly important that you and your interior refurbishment contractor understand and agree with each other. At Future Fitouts, our first job is to listen. We are here to implement your goals – to offer ideas, to demonstrate options, and to bring our real-world experience to support and enhance your project. Connect with us to request a quote and let’s get started.