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What is the Best Classroom Furniture

When we think of classroom furniture, we picture traditional desks and chairs that are lined together to create a functional space for learning. While this tried-and-true method has served educational facilities well for decades, modern design allows us to be more creative with our learning spaces. The best classroom furniture provides a place to learn while also enhancing students’ moods and capabilities, ensuring they are always ready to fully apply themselves in the classroom.

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The Best Classroom Furniture Ideas


Move beyond the standard plastic chairs that dominate the classroom and incorporate bright and colourful ottomans into your learning area. Ottomans are some of the best classroom chairs for promoting healthy seating habits as their design helps improve posture. Every student has a unique height, and while traditional seats can be awkward for some, ottomans allow students to sit comfortably regardless of their body type. If you teach younger students, provide a wide variety of colours so each child feels delighted in sitting on top of their favourite colour.

Multi-Seat Tables

A lot of classrooms assign students separate seating, where they engage in learning by themselves. Multi-seat tables result in students sitting together, causing them to come together to collaborate on the tasks that you assign them. The best classroom desks bring students together while encouraging learning, with multi-seat tables essential for classes that feature group assignments. During breaks these tables also bring students together to chat and catch up, allowing them to relax and potentially make friends, which in turn improves their mental health and sense of belonging.

Bean Bags

The coolest way to sit, bean bags pair style with portability as they provide a way for students to relax while still being able to learn from their teachers. Whether you want to create a comfortable environment for children to relax or a more casual setting for university students to congregate during a tutorial, bean bags are one of the best classroom chairs when it comes to functionality. Bean bags are also easy to move around, allowing you to move them to the side or into a corner where they take up little space.

Modern classroom with yellow bean bags | Featured Image for the Best Classroom Furniture blog by Future Fitouts.

Dry-Erase Activity Table

For little kids, or big kids that like to draw, a dry-erase activity table is one of the best classroom desks for promoting creativity. The material of the desk is the same as a whiteboard, allowing one to draw and write on it with colourful markers. Once class is finished your student’s creations can be cleanly wiped away, resulting in a canvas that is ready to use again after every class. More engaging than standard paper, these tables are perfect for sketching out designs, working out math problems, and collaborating with classmates on a group project.


While most people tend to focus on tables and desks when looking for the best classroom furniture, a great rug goes a long way to elevating the visual appeal and learning capabilities of your classroom. A bright and colourful rug immediately captures the attention of your young students, while certain designs can be featured based on what you are teaching, from space to the animal kingdom. Educational rugs are also available, with some designs showcasing the alphabet, numbers, and countries.

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