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Best Colours for Office Interiors

When it comes to choosing the best colours for office interiors, many people find themselves spoilt for choice and unsure what direction to go in. Though many businesses tend to opt for their logo colours, some colours are better suited to office spaces than others – especially when it comes to improving focus, productivity, and efficiency. In today’s blog, we look at the different types of office colour design and the most suitable industries for each one.

Best colours for office interiors for inspiring creativity


Naturally vibrant, orange has the power to inspire both creativity and productivity. This makes it a common colour used in creative agency spaces, as it can help drive energy and help to generate enthusiasm. Like it’s citrus cousin yellow, orange can also make people feel hungry – so be prepared to have a snack bowl ready if you incorporate it in your office.


When it comes to positivity, there is no colour better associated than yellow. This colour can inspire thoughtfulness and inquisitiveness and invoke feelings of happiness and hope. However, yellow does have a tendency to make people feel hungry, especially when paired with red – which is why fast-food businesses use the combination. As yellow is a complex colour that can be used as both a positive symbol and warning sign (think the yellow and black hazard signs) it’s advised to use it sparingly.

Office interior colour combination ideas for creativity:

  • Yellow and orange
  • Yellow and blue
  • Blue and orange
  • Yellow and red

Best industries: Anything highly creative and visual

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Best colours for office interiors for inspiring power


The colour of passion, red calls for attention and demands action to be taken. This can be a polarising colour, as it can both drive ambition and motivation but can also be quite aggressive. If you work in a very KPI based business, splashes of red are a great way of inspiring action and is commonly paired with black to showcase power – which is why you’ll commonly see the colour combination used in superhero movies.


Black is the ultimate colour for power and asserting dominance and professionalism, especially when paired with silver or leather. This colour is commonly used in high end automotive industries, as it exudes status and sophistication. If you operate in an industry where you’re dealing with high end clients or want to market yourselves as rebellious, cutting edge business, black is the perfect colour. It also pairs well with red, green, and yellow, which can be used for a striking effect.


Brown is a great colour for projecting strength and power and is commonly associated as a masculine colour. But unlike black, brown is an earthy colour that can be warm and inviting, as well as high end and sophisticated. Brown is also a colour that can changes significantly when paired with different colours. For example, brown and grey comes across as professional and upmarket, whereas brown and green is wholesome, practical, and down to earth.  

Office colour design for power:

  • Black and brown
  • Black and silver
  • Black and gold
  • Black and red
  • Brown and grey

Best industries: Automotive, technology, male targeted customers, and clients, luxury brands,

Best colours for office interiors for comfort and security


When it comes to the most comforting and stable office interior colour, there’s a reason why blue is so popular. Widely used in technology and accounting industries, blue evokes feelings of trust and security, as well as having calming benefits. This peaceful colour is shown to lower blood pressure and stress levels and promotes focus and communication. If you’re looking to bring some Zen into your office, blue is an undisputable winner.


As the colour of nature, green is a great colour for reducing stress and anxiety, whilst also encouraging creative thinking. People tend to innately want to connect with nature, so incorporating green and timber into a workplace can promote emotional and psychological wellbeing. This makes it a popular colour for health and wellness companies, as it promotes a down to earth, trustworthy image.


Calming and nurturing, pink is a colour commonly used in cosmetic clinics to evoke feelings of cosiness and comfort. It’s commonly paired with soft greys and taupe, to create a more sophisticated look. Pink can also aid in feeling happy and positive, without making people feel like grabbing a snack bowl.

Office colour design for keeping it calm:

  • Pink and grey
  • Blue and grey
  • Green and brown
  • Pink and taupe

Best industries: Finance, technology, real estate, accommodation, education, health and wellness, beauty, agriculture, travel, construction


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