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Boardroom Design that Works

A boardroom is one of the most important rooms in an office space, as it’s often the place where ideas are born, and deals are made. But for a boardroom to operate at maximum efficiency, it needs to be properly designed with collaboration in mind. This might include adding in motorised projectors and high-quality audio technology for video conferencing or installing acoustic panelling to help supress noise and stop reverberation. To help you create the optimum corporate boardroom design, we’ve compiled a list of key features we like to consider when building a boardroom design that works.

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Office boardroom design tips

Function is key

A boardroom should first and foremost be functional and versatile, as you’ll need to create an environment where colleagues can communicate easily and effectively. Taking in consideration the size of your team, your standard long rectangle table might not be the best option. There are many seating configurations and table layouts you can utilise, each one serving a different purpose. For example, a U shaped style is perfect for presenting, as the tables are all directed to a central focal point. Or if you’d like to encourage the open sharing of ideas and remove all hierarchy, an oval shaped style is optimal.

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Effective technology

Having working technology in a boardroom is integral to a good boardroom design, especially if you plan on using the space to have interviews with people via video conferencing. But adding in projectors, screens and various chords can quickly become quote the eyesore and take up a lot of space. When installing technology in your boardroom, consider using cable management systems, and concealing the projectable in the ceiling with a hidden motorised ceiling mount. This helps streamline the design and remove any safety hazards.

Choose decor wisely

While trendy bursts of colour might not be conducive to productivity, a stark, sterile white boardroom doesn’t exactly inspire creativity either. Ideally, your boardroom design should reflect the culture of your company, as it’s seen quite often during conference calls. This might include incorporating company decal on a feature wall or adding splashes of corporate colours. For a safe, fool proof colour scheme, consider neutral tones such as light blues, greens, and creams. These colours will also make it easier to find office furniture to match, as neutral colours go with virtually anything.

Incorporate your branding

Speaking of décor – corporate boardroom design doesn’t have to be boring, in fact, it’s a great opportunity to showcase your company’s culture and values. If your boardroom doubles as a brainstorming and meeting space, it’s worth carrying across some of your brand colours and decal to add some personality to the space. If you’re a creative company, consider ditching the traditional white conference table for one with a pop of colour, or swapping your standard swivel chairs with something a little more Avant Garde.

Versatile lighting

Much like boardroom paint, stark lighting can also have a negative impact on a corporate boardroom design. Not only is white fluorescent lighting hard on the eyes, but it’s also shown to have other negative effects on health such as increasing levels of stress and anxiety, and upsetting the body’s circadian rhythm. Soft, downward lighting is key to achieving a harmonious space, especially if accompanied with dimmer switches to make the lights as bright or as low lit as needed.

The right acoustics

Meetings in boardrooms can quickly become loud and overbearing if proper acoustic panelling isn’t installed. This is because boardrooms are a small, contained space, filled with lots of flat, parallel surfaces noise can easily bounce off. To combat this, it’s recommended you enlist the help of a fitout company to install noise absorption materials in both the walls and ceilings. This will help contain the noise to the room and stop reverberation.

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