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How to Create Industrial Style Office Design in Your Next Fitout

One of the best things about an industrial styled office is that it perfectly encapsulates minimalism and industrialism. This creates a spacious, easy flowing and appealing work zone, something that is sure to make employees and visitors feel comfortable. Over the last decade, old warehouses and woolsheds became highly sought-after as architects and designers started to think more outside of the box than ever. An industrial style office design offers space, functionality, and a completely beautiful environment for working – gone are the days of a generic office as we move to more stylish approaches.

One of the main fundamentals of an industrial office is space. Without it, this kind of interior design and fitout could feel cluttered, suffocated, and small. In this blog, we’ll be discussing each aspect of industrial office designs and why they’re becoming somewhat of a necessity for the corporate and commercial world.

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Industrial Office Designs

Although space is one of the most important aspects of an industrial style office design, the colour, tones, and furnishings also play a major role. Some of the more notable colours and tones include black, concrete, timber accents, and touches of brick – sourcing inspiration from warehouses and woolsheds.

With industrial warehouse office design, brick, steel, and beams are another focal point. Many of these spaces that have been transformed into modern offices utilise these design features to really pay tribute to the industrial touch. The exposed beams offer warmth and a natural complement to the space, with the black and steel accents offering a raw aspect that seems to be widely appreciated when it comes to industrial design. More design aspects of industrialism include:

  • Exposed pipes and beams
  • Polished concrete floors
  • Raw and exposed materials
  • Original windowpanes
  • Neutral colours
  • Brick walls or brick feature walls

Industrial Warehouse Office Design

If you’re wanting to transform your workspace into more of a warehouse inspired design, the first thing you need to make sure of is that your office has large, beautiful, and expansive windows. When it comes to those old warehouses and woolsheds, the tall windows are a major selling point – not only that, but they produce plenty of natural lighting for your office, which is proven to create work efficiency and increase productivity.

Modern Industrial Office Design

In the modern world, the look of an industrial style office is much the same, but with some cutting-edge touches and architecturally designed features to bring it to life. Brand awareness is so important for any business, more so now than ever, and regardless of the interior design aspects, working your company’s identity into the overall transformation is going to have a major impact not just on your staff, but your clients and visitors as well.

All of the same aspects of what makes up an industrial office are still very prevalent in the modern world, however, more sculpted furniture, natural lighting, pops of colour through abstract art and so on have found their way into the mix – adding an individual and unique touch to new and modern industrial office design.

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