Team meeting in a sustainable office with plants | Featured Image for the Sustainable Office Design blog by Future Fitouts.

Sustainable Office Design

As we become more aware of the footprint we are leaving on the environment, it is important to bring sustainable ideas into the workplace. Offices have already taken steps to encourage recycling, carpooling, and energy efficiency but how about actual sustainable office design? There are many ways that workplaces can lessen their environmental impact while increasing employee morale in the process, creating a happier and more sustainable environment to conduct business.

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Best Tips for Green Office Design

Invest in Energy-Efficient Lighting

Most workplaces have lights running all day, meaning they are often the most responsible for excessive power use. Swapping your light bulbs for more energy-efficient options, such as LEDs, is a simple but highly effective way of creating more eco friendly office design. Encouraging employees to turn the lights off in rooms they are not using also helps your workplace run more sustainably, while investing in occupancy sensors that only turn the lights on when people are in the room is another handy tool.

Decorate the Office with Plants

Turn your workplace into a natural wonder by placing plants around the space. Whether they are on desks or in common areas, plants help bring life to the workplace and should be at the forefront of sustainable office design. While a greener office is more pleasing to the eye, studies have found that indoor plants can remove up to 87% of air toxins within a 24-hour period. This reduces the reliance on air purifiers which are often made from non-recyclable materials. Installing an office garden is also a great way to encourage employees to get involved in a green initiative while building rapport between your staff.

Use Furniture and Appliances Made from Sustainable Materials

When decorating your workplace with the essential furniture, such as desks and chairs, consider purchasing those that are made from sustainable materials. Bamboo desks and cork boards are stylish items that create green office design while still fulfilling essential purposes. Using second-hand furniture is another way to remain sustainable as you promote the recycling of materials. Likewise, when a piece of furniture or appliance begins to show a bit of wear and tear, attempt to repair it to a usable state rather than throwing it out and purchasing a new one.

Build with Sustainable Materials

Even if your office is still in the construction phase, you can still take steps to ensure you are creating eco friendly office design. If possible, choose locally sourced supplies to cut down on transport so less emissions are made throughout your office’s creation. If your company is looking to move in an office that has already been built, look for one that has been certified as being environmentally responsible. Want to make your current office greener? Low carbon green retrofitting renovates an existing building to reduce its carbon emissions, with examples being swapping the air conditioner for a chiller plant, which is better for the environment while also saving energy costs.

Exterior of a sustainably built building | Featured Image for the Sustainable Office Design blog by Future Fitouts.

Supply a Coffee Machine in the Office

Australians love their coffee, with many workers indulging in at least one a shift to help them get through the day. All those disposable coffee cups from takeaway cafes add up, so an underrated way to create sustainable office design is by suppling a coffee machine in your workplace. Supply the team with coffee and milk and encourage them to use the machine rather than buying outside coffee to save money and help the environment. A coffee machine is also a great social hub for employees to connect and better understand how their unique roles complement each other.

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