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Types of Office Flooring

When it comes to flooring for commercial spaces, you want to incorporate something that’s going to blend aesthetic with functionality. The types of office flooring you consider need to fit the design of your office, cater to your clientele and team, as well as be budget friendly for your sake. It’s important that your office emulates your brand, and each detail, all the way down to your floor, can make a great difference to the office environment.

When deciding on the best types of office flooring for your office space, make sure to consider the amount of and the type of traffic that the floor will have to withstand. Whether it’s general office staff, construction field staff, or by appointment (walk in, walk out customers), your floor will make a major difference.

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Office Flooring Materials

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles have become increasingly popular office flooring types when it comes to commercial fitouts. Carpet Tiles are an affordable alternative, they’re versatile, and can give your office space a warm feel. These types of office flooring are extremely low maintenance and, in the event a carpet tile is damaged, it can be easily removed and replaced. Carpet Tiles are a great flooring option for corporate spaces, or any office zone with low traffic.


Not only are these office flooring materials popular among homeowners across Australia, but Laminate options are also common when it comes to commercial office fitouts. It is quite well known that laminate is an affordable option for flooring, highly durable, and extremely low maintenance making it easy for cleaning. For office spaces that have high traffic of construction field staff, where dirt, mud, moisture etc. are brought into the office, laminate is an exceptionally convenient solution. Resistant to moisture, spills and stains, these office flooring types will reduce stress of upkeep for business owners.


If you’re looking for office flooring types that offer a monochromatic, streamlined look to match your fitout, vinyl is the way to go. One of the greatest benefits of sheet vinyl flooring is the fact it can be printed to emulate any design or feature including ceramic tiles, natural hardwood flooring, and even natural stone. You could have any design for your office fitout at half the cost of the actual material. For spaces such as retail, doctors and the like, vinyl office flooring types are convenient for not only the aesthetic but also for the volume of in-and-out traffic.

Hardwood Flooring

Natural hardwood flooring is an option to make your office space feel opulent and inviting. An exceptional choice for high-end businesses or corporate offices, natural hardwood floors are durable and easy to maintain with regular care. If you’re looking to invest in an executive feeling office flooring solution, hardwood, whether its oak or environmentally friendly bamboo, is the perfect choice. For an office with minimal traffic and that aims to uphold a prestige appeal, hardwood floors are a more suited option.


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