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Designing Agile Workspaces

In the rapidly evolving world of business, it is important to design agile workspaces that promote flexibility and productivity. This allows your company to respond to the changes in the market as soon as possible, while also encouraging employees to come together and collaborate on tasks as required. Agile workspace design caters to a range of work styles and preferences, allowing your employees to work in a way that best accommodates their unique skillset. But what goes into creating an agile workspace, and what are some of the best ways to bring these spaces to life?

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How to Create Agile Workspaces

Provide a Quiet Space

We can all feel overwhelmed by work at times, which makes it important to provide spaces for your employees to relax and collect their thoughts in a quiet environment. A room dedicated to solo work allows employees to focus on the task at hand without being distracted by their co-workers or the general noise of the office. It is important for these spaces to be well-lit and ventilated so the occupants can feel as comfortable as possible while trying to knuckle down.


One of the more popular choices in agile workspace design is the concept of hot-desking. This rising trend sees employees not being assigned a permanent desk, meaning they are free to work at any space throughout the office. This makes collaboration easier than ever before, as employees can find any space they need to share ideas and work on group tasks. Hot-desking works best for workplaces where everyone is not in the office at the same time, affording the company the opportunity to save money on desks and chairs.

Breakout Rooms

We work better when we work together, and the best agile workspaces foster collaboration through dedicated breakout rooms. These spaces are designed for groups to separate themselves from the rest of the team so they can brainstorm and collaborate on tasks and projects. Well-designed breakout rooms should feature comfortable furniture, a sizable table to accommodate groups of all sizes, and a whiteboard to jot ideas down.

Focus on Inclusivity

Modern agile workspace design should feature inclusivity as one of its core components, to ensure that everyone feels welcome. Adjustable desks, walkways that feature ramps, and custom lighting allow employees to engage with the workspace in a way that helps them feel the most comfortable. When considering how to improve the inclusive nature of your office, encourage your employees to share ways the workplace can be customised to suit their needs.

Incorporate Technology

It has never been easier to stay connected courtesy of modern technology, and these latest advancements can be brough to the workplace to increase productivity and collaboration. Whether it is video conferencing or wireless connectivity, these tools allow remote workers to easily stay connected with their co-workers, while virtual meetings can be held with clients to avoid the need for time-consuming travelling and scheduling.

Examples of Agile Workspaces

Some of the biggest companies in the world have fostered agile environments to improve employee satisfaction without sacrificing productivity. Google is famous for its cutting-edge office design as it features themed meeting rooms and open collaborative spaces to inspire togetherness and creativity. Other famous names to capitalise on these benefits include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Airbnb.

Benefits of Agile Workplaces

Along with the expected benefits of increased productivity and collaboration, focusing on building an agile working environment also helps to build your company’s unique culture. By fostering a welcoming and inclusive workplace, your employees will feel closer to you and their co-workers than ever before, resulting in a happier and more sustainable working environment while increasing employee retention. Agile offices also result in more free space, allowing employees to work and move around the place without feeling cluttered. Your company will save on the cost of utilities, maintenance, and cleaning as a result of this more compact workspace.

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