New Year Office Resolutions for 2022

With a brand-new year upon us, you probably have a few resolutions lined up, whether they be to exercise more, eat healthier or reach your career goals, but have you thought about your office resolutions?

When you return to work after your well-deserved break, you have the opportunity to look at your office space with fresh eyes and consider what can be done to improve it. If nothing comes to mind right away, we’ve come up with a few areas that may be worth sprucing up in 2022.

New Office Furniture

Interior design trends come and go so quickly that it doesn’t take long to get left behind. Once you see your office in a new light, you may come to the realisation that your office style is about 10 years out of date. It all comes down to the colours and materials you use, particularly for your furniture. But upgrading to modern furniture doesn’t only have aesthetic benefits. Office desks and chairs these days are designed with optimal functionality and comfort in mind.

Ergonomic furniture pieces are one of the best investments a business can make for the betterment of their staff and work environment as a whole. You simply can’t underestimate the importance of a comfortable working arrangement when staff are required to sit at their desks day in and day out. These days, you can find ergonomic furniture that not only does the job but also looks timeless too.

General Office Maintenance

A whole bunch of little maintenance jobs can add up to be one huge headache if they’re not taken care of, and while you may not notice them, there’s a good chance your customers will. Maintenance issues can include scratches, dents and marks on the wall, stained or torn carpet, or faulty door handles, faucets or appliances. Why not get all these little issues taken care of in the new year, allowing you to start fresh again in 2022?

Make Your Office Less Sterile and More Homely

Simple touches like indoor plants, artwork and decorative ornaments can go a long way towards transforming your stuffy and dreary office into a welcoming and vibrant space that feels like a second home. Not only does this boost the comfort and morale of your staff, but it creates a warm environment for your clients to be welcomed into too.

Whole New Office

Sometimes, in order to keep up with the times, all that’s left to do is get a whole new office, whether that means refurbishing your existing space or moving to a whole new building altogether. Many businesses make big decisions like this at the start of the new year because this is also an ideal time to re-evaluate business goals.

After doing this, many business owners may determine that they need a bigger space to take on more staff, will have to relocate to a more suitable location, or change the existing space to better suit the changing needs of their business.

Stay Up to Date on Interior Design Trends

Need some inspiration for your workplace interiors for 2022? Interiors online outlines a few 2022 interior design trends for the home that you could easily transfer into your workplace.

  • The embrace for minimalism is continuing into 2022. Less really is more when it comes to interior design.
  • Hygge is a Danish style that oozes coziness and comfort. Usually associated with objects such as candles, throws and plush cushions. If you want a homely vibe, this is a look you could incorporate into your workplace.
  • Gold and metallic are going to be big in 2022, so if you want to add a luxe factor to your office, you’ll be right on trend here.
  • Rediscover the elegance of the past by incorporating some art deco pieces into your interior design. This is the next big thing in furniture design for 2022. Think opulent and glamorous pieces with quintessential art deco detailing.
  • In our increasingly environmentally conscious world, sustainable and handmade pieces are looked upon positively by all, and they can become great statement pieces too.
  • Matt black is back in a big way, particularly for creating a high-contrast look in a space. You can use it in furniture or as a colour to frame windows or for floors in contrast to crisp white walls.

Achieve the Office of Your Dreams in 2022 With Future Fitouts

Whether you need a completely new fitout, commercial maintenance or a new set of office furniture, we can help. We can spruce up your space no matter how big or small your office renovation project may be. Learn more about our office fitouts service and once you’re ready to get started, give us a call on 1300 368 461.